June 23, 2024
Investing in Virtual Real Estate (The Metaverse Explained) thumbnail

The metaverse has quickly become a central focus in today’s investment world. With so many opportunities for virtual land investing, cryptocurrency staking, and fast appreciation, this brand new asset class could be here to stay. But is investing in the metaverse a good idea at the moment? Dave Meyer, VP of Data and Analytics and physical sandwich consumer will show you the metaverse explained.

Within the metaverse, there are a couple of different ways to make money: you can buy land and hope for appreciation or you can hold land and rent it out, hoping that your virtual plot of Decentraland or Sandbox will see rent appreciation. If you think this is all theory, think again. Tokens.com bought a plot of virtual land worth over $2 million!

Are you convinced that the metaverse will become an investing powerhouse, or do you think it’s purely speculation? Let us know in the comments and buy Dave a virtual sandwich next time you see him in the metaverse!
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00:00 Virtual Real Estate Investing
01:23 What is The Metaverse?
02:12 Investing in The Metaverse
04:07 Landlording in Decentraland
05:23 Should You Invest?
06:20 Supply and Demand for Virtual Land

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