May 20, 2024
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Speaking in this video is Tenny Tolofair, Director of Acquisition and Co-founder of XSITE Capital Investment LLC.

Prior to forming XSITE Capital, Tenny spent several years leading a major sales team in one of the fastest-growing financial services companies in America. He is also a Global Cyber Security professional, supporting the likes of Boeing and Deloitte.


Whether you come from a lineage of successful businessmen or are the
first in your family to graduate from college, there comes a time where
you have to make some serious financial decisions that can change your life forever. That was the story for our founding partners. Though Leslie,
Julius, and Tenny all came from different backgrounds, they all had one
thing in common: they worked hard, they earned healthy salaries, and they wanted to take their wealth to the next level, but how?

After individually investing in various real estate projects, and crossing
paths with industry veterans, they discovered there was a huge wealth
opportunity in the multi-family real estate Industry—an opportunity that
many minorities or healthcare professionals were not privy to, or able to
easily access.
Thus, they formed XSITE CAPITAL Investment.

Today, XSITE CAPITAL currently has over $125 million dollars of real
estate assets under management, and works with accredited investors
to help secure risk-adjusted returns, helping them earn passive income
with ease.

Currently, XSITE CAPITAL is expanding in the Southeast and is
accepting new investors.



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