March 25, 2023

Top 5 Cities You MUST Invest In Real Estate 2022 | Best Markets for Investing

In this video I break down the best cities to invest in real estate for 2022.


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A lot of these housing markets are up and coming real estate markets and offer the opportunity to get both cash flow and appreciation. These markets have a lot of developments going on along with many experiencing major gentrification. This can be a great way to experience fast appreciation in these rental markets. With that said, here are the best rental property markets in 2022.

At number 5, Knoxville, TN is one of the best real estate markets in 2022. Cash flow is still possible to come by in C-B grade areas and over the last 3 years we’ve seen around 50% appreciation making for a great combination of cash flow and appreciation.

At number 4, Atlanta, GA is one of best housing markets in 2022. Although the prices are a bit higher and cash flow maybe a little harder to come by compared with knoxville in decent areas, Atlanta has great fundamentals and a bright future with some major developments in the pipeline.

At number 3, Huntsville, AL is one of the top real estate markets for 2022. Fundamentally, Huntsville has seen great population and job growth but it’s also experiencing a major issue of supply and demand. This has been caused because the population growth has been outpacing the development of new housing units at the 9th highest rate in the country. This makes Huntsville one of the best real estate markets to invest in.

At number 2, Jacksonville, FL is one of the top housing markets in 2022. Jacksonville gives you amazing growth with phenomenal rent and price growth. Fundamentally, population and job growth has been really good and they have some very ambitious development projects in the works and getting proposed. This makes Jacksonville one of the best markets to buy rental property.

At number 1, the best place to invest in real estate for 2022 is Tampa, FL. Tampa has amazing growth price wise it also has some incredible potential with some major developments in the works and one of the most migrated to metro areas in the country. This has been playing a huge part on the massive rent growth of over 20% year over year which is one of many reasons why Tampa is one of the best rental markets.

For anyone that’s looking to get started this year with out of state real estate investing, I hope you find this list helpful as you start your journey.

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