May 20, 2024
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About Sanat Thakur : An elite Motivational speaker who talks about real estate consulting business.
He preach what he practices. He is coach and motivator and believes in motivating people around for their business success.
His knowledge, skills and passion for real estate consulting business has made him a successful realtor. He train people on how to become more productive, more disciplined in real estate business.Real estate has emerging as profession of more sophisticated and organised now a days.
Sanat Thakur talks about the proven techniques, skills in real estate business without compromising the good values.
His Motivational Videos are really charging and inspirational. It does not matter weather you are a student, a working professional or a businessman, his highly motivating stories and experiences will empower you and motivate you to achieve heights in your life.Videos which will Inspire and Entertain you on Motivation, Positive Thinking, Career, Relationships, Self Help, Goals etc. Stay tuned with us for latest Hindi Videos.

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