May 18, 2024
Why 2022 is a HUGE Opportunity for Small Investors w/Ed Mylett thumbnail

Could this year still be an opportunity for small investors to get started? Ed Mylett knows the housing market. He’s participated in real estate investing for decades and has become wildly successful thanks to his tenacity, relationship-building skills, and creativity when getting deals done. But, funnily enough, Ed Mylett isn’t most well known for his real estate investor prowess—he’s known for his mindset-shifting, world-changing ideas when it comes to personal development, discipline, and entrepreneurship.

In Ed’s newest book, The Power of One More, he talks about the small tweak that anyone can make to become many multiples more successful. In essence, every extra push-up, cold call, and hug to your spouse or child is the exact thing that puts you above the rest. It’s not about putting in the effort, it’s about putting in more effort than the average person would. This not only applies heavily to real estate investing but to any goal we set.

David and Rob get the opportunity to talk to Ed about his book as well as his sentiment towards today’s housing market and what deals he’s doing in the background. You may be surprised to hear it, but Ed is incredibly bullish on real estate investing for a few good reasons. He gives a simple yet incredibly practical explanation for why this year is surprisingly the best time to get into real estate investing in a long time.

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Episode 620

Show notes at:

00:00 Intro
03:47 Quick Tip
05:24 Always Push for “One More”
16:25 Committing To Your Standards
23:07 The HUGE Opportunity in 2022
33:07 Using “One More” In Real Estate
48:45 Why Worry About Rising Interest Rates?
52:22 The “Most Crazy Deal” Ed Has Ever Done
56:41 What If You Had to Start Over?
58:09 Famous Four

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