April 13, 2024
Commercial Real Estate Investing Versus Residential Real Estate Investing thumbnail

I bought 15 residential rental properties between 2010 and 2015. I took a break from buying rentals because prices increased in Colorado it was hard to make any money with rentals. I then bought 7 commercial rental properties from 2017 to 2019. I found that I could make just as much with commercial rentals in a hot market as I could with my residential rentals. In this video I talk about my properties and the differences between buying, financing, repairing, renting, and selling rentals that are commercial versus residential.

You can see an article I wrote on the subject here: /

You can see my a writeup of my big commercial property with videos here: /

There are a lot of differences between commercial and residential with how they are valued, how you find tenants, how long the leases are, who pays the expenses, how to sell them, and to find great deals on them.

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