June 15, 2024
BREAKING: Texas to Ban Real Estate Investing! thumbnail

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We have seen many real estate investor move to markets such as Austin, Dallas and Houston Texas. They love the no income tax, great lifestyle and open business environment. However now they are talking about how this is impacting affordability for first time home buyers and how restrictions need to be put in place to protect affordability for all property buyers across Dallas Texas. They want to implement foreign policies for real estate investors that were recently enacted in Canada. The big question is what will this do to property values when we add in the fact that mortgage rates are rising and people will be more hard pressed to find a buyer for their homes. This may make things better for buyers however property owners will soon see their lives work that they see in their home equity vanished and gone. I believe that we will see more of these policies in places like Florida and Texas and that the entire real estate market for all real estate investors will change whether they invest in farm land, multi family or industrial real estate. The entire real estate market is going through a very large shift.

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