June 23, 2024
4 Commercial Real Estate Investing Principles Every Investor Should Know thumbnail

4 Commercial Real Estate Investing Principles Every Investor Should Know //
There are a million and one ways to make money in commercial real estate, and with close to 200 videos on this channel at this point, we’ve still only scratched the surface in talking about the different types of strategies investors can implement to invest profitably in commercial real estate deals.

However, for most commercial real estate investors and real estate private equity groups, even if the strategies themselves differ, the principles behind the investment-making decisions that these groups tend to make are often very similar across the board.

Regardless of the exact method they use, all CRE investors ultimately want to minimize their chances of loss and maximize their profit potential at the same time, and to make sure that happens, there are a few fundamental frameworks that real estate investors tend to do their homework on, on every deal they analyze.

And with that, in this video, let’s walk through four of the most commonly used real estate investment principles implemented by major institutional commercial real estate firms to make investment decisions, and how you can apply those same frameworks to your own deals, in the future.

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