May 20, 2024
Long Distance Real Estate Investing | How To Analyze Real Estate Markets | Ep. 2 thumbnail

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Welcome to the Dream Investment Adventure by Bigger Pockets & Mynd Management! In this weekly series, real estate mentor Steve Rozenberg helps an aspiring long distance real estate investor through the scary, but simple process to buy an out-of-state rental property.

Each week, Steve & Joe will sit down, discuss strategy, develop homework, discuss problems & figure out solutions. This series isn’t just about helping Joe, it’s about helping YOU learn how to invest in out of state properties.

In this episode, Steve & Joe dive into analyzing real estate markets and determining which real estate market Joe should invest in!

Follow the full series below:
Week #1 – Meeting Joe & Understanding Long-Distance Real Estate Investing –
Week #2 – Selecting & Analyzing Real Estate Markets –
Week #3 – Building Your Team –
Week #4 – Finding A Real Estate Deal – c
Week #5 – Due Diligence & Closing On A Deal – E
Week #6 – Rehabbing A Property Remotely – I
Week #7 – Property Management – Y
Week #8 – Leasing Your Property – 0
Week #9 – Finale Review – I

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